Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference in Argentina

 Dear Fam,

Ya know, one of the hardest things in the mission is to sit down in front of a computer on your p-day, and try to put the feelings from your heart onto the screen. Feelings such as, I can’t believe I’m in Argentina, or I know the Book of Mormon is true, or the week was hard, or I don’t understand Spanish, or just how much you worry for your investigators. But I think the hardest of them all, is what I’m feeling right now and what I felt time and time again during Conference.  And that is how much I love you. We have the greatest family. I don’t know what I did to deserve this family. You are all just so special for me. I hope you know it! The Gospel has truly brought us together and taught us how to be happy as we live God’s plan.

I loved conference. We were so blessed in this last week. In conference we had 7 people in church. I will tell you about all of them later on. First off, No Dad Elder Acton’s Dad didn’t work for Arthur Anderson. He is currently a mall cop haha. Elder Acton thinks that’s pretty funny. 2- I didn’t get my contacts. I’m going to kill this mailing system!!  They said I had one, and then it didn’t get to me.  I’ll just survive for 4 more months without contacts. They are way too expensive here, AND the elders say they are bad quality. So I’ll just wait. I use my glasses also here and there. I do have something I need though... There are no church stores here. I would love it if you could send me some stuff from Deseret Book! Espanol o no Espanol. It’s ok. I would really love that though. I learned so much in Conference. I wish I could just type for hours and hours about all I learned. I too feel like the over all theme was OBEDIENCE. I feel that I look at Conference so differently now. I loved the talks. I have to admit that we laughed a couple times while the choir sang as well. I loved Priesthood! I got to watch it in English too because in that session we didn’t have investigadores. I love Spanish, but English is better! Dad I really felt like I was just with you and Alex, and Joseph the whole time. I loved the thought that while I was singing Hope of Israel, you were too. At one point I thought I was going to look over and see you with your iphone getting the NCAA update haha ;).

Hey did you hear the news? ALFREDO L SALAS my president is a new Area Seventy. Like I didn’t see that one coming - haha.

I hope you like the pics. That is our apartment. We live above, to the left.

The other picture is the temple, and the other is my District. Tallest to Shortest, Me Elder Acton, Hermana Sepuerva( chile), and Hermana Rios(Bolivia).

Remember the Familia Quiroga? We had some opposition this last week.  They almost got separated. They were sleeping in different rooms and not talking. We went Tuesday and talked with them, shared a scripture and then had a really special prayer with them and all their kids kneeling. That night the dad, Roberto, said a prayer by himself from the front room from where he was sleeping. The next morning his wife asked if he wanted to drink tea with her, (sinners :) ) and so it was that over a cup of tea they resolved their problems and then all went to Conference this weekend. It was so awesome. The Power of prayer is so real. Well there is the time already. I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much. Thanks for all you do for me.

Love Elder Watts

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