Tuesday, November 27, 2012

9 de Julio

To the best family ever,

Hey guys how are we all doing?  I hope that you are all doing well.  Thanks so much for your emails!  I loved hearing about Thanksgiving and what you did.  I love hearing about all the mission calls.  The girl in Dad’s ward going to Anaheim will love her mission.  It’s the second greatest mission in the whole world.  I had no clue that Camille was going on a mission!  That’s way cool. I’m happy for her.

Well the first week in 9 de Julio went really fast! (Yes mom it’s called 9 de Julio.  I think it was their Independence Day, but we have a huge street called 9 de Julio in our area). We are working really hard.  When I got here there wasn’t exactly too many investigadores-2 haha.  But we are working hard to find, and its something that I think I’m pretty good atJ.   I actually don’t do much, everyone just talks to me.  The advantage of being tall strikes again.  I really love my new area!  It’s so cool.  We are in Down Town Cordoba!  2 blocks over from our area is the Time Square of Cordoba. Luckily it’s not in our area because it has tons of clubs.  We have one of the biggest cathedrals in Cordoba.  I’ll take a picture of it this week and send it next week.  So the ward here is known for 2 things.  1- It’s the strongest ward in the Cordoba Oeste stake.  It’s like how Hidden Valley is known to have the best basketball team. That’s what 9 de Julio is known for.  The leaders are so awesome!  There is so much unity in the ward its incredible.  I felt like a celebrity on Sunday.  After Sacrament meeting when I introduced myself ward members came up to me and asked me if they could take a picture with me. It was really funny. The ward really just loves the missionaries.  I think they like me especially because they are all from Peru. They are so short!  That’s reason number 2- the ward is known as Perusalem.  Perusalem, Jerusalem, get it? haha.  Just about every single person!  I swear the tallest person in the ward is 5’ 2”.  I am seriously a giant.  It’s going to be lots of fun here.  They are all really humble people who work really hard.  Its the opposite of Uritorco where there was a lot of wealth.  Every single meal has been Peruvian food haha. I’m lovin it.  Rice, chicken, hot sauce and more rice.  It’s great. Yesterday we ate this fish called sebiche.  It’s cooked with Lemon juice and onions.  Way way good.

I have enjoyed being the District Leader.  My first meeting went really well.  I liked what Dad said about leading by example.  I’m sure every week it will get easier and I’ll get better at leading.  I’m trying a lot to help my comp. He is really struggling. He’s not exactly loving the mission.  I kept wondering why the Lord moved me from Uritorco. I could have been the DL there, and finished with Elder Whetten.  I was just feeling like this month was going to be really awesome.  But this week that answer has been really clear. The Lord wants me to be here with Elder Castro.  I’m glad that he can trust me too. I hope that I can help my comp to catch the mission spirit. I am grateful for this opportunity, every time I get a little frustrated I just try and be patient and show him more love.

Well guys that’s about it for this week. I hope you know that I love you all so much. Thanks for all that you do for me. I love being a part of this great work!! Have a great week.

Love Elder Watts

A few weeks ago Riley sent us two discs of pictures.  Here are some of our favorites: