Wednesday, June 13, 2012

20 Years Old

Dear Family,

We had a great week.  Just so you know, in May our Zone had the highest number of baptisms.  For June we set the goal even higher and had a Zone wide fast to start the month.  It was so amazing how quickly we started to find people and receive references. 2 weeks ago my comp and I made a list of 20 people that were possibilities for a June baptism.  One week ago we narrowed the list to 6 awesome people.  So this week we worked really hard for these people.  Two families Ill tell you about.  Family number 1 is Pedro Julia and Augustin.  They are pretty awesome.  We taught them and they said they would go to church.  Pedro is a man that has had lots of trials in his life.  At one point he said that there is no God.  But he has slowly humbled himself and now wants to really find God.  Family Number 2 is Incredible.  Grab a box of tissues.  The wife’s name is Carina.  She has 2 daughters named Rut and Catarina.  One month ago her husband abandoned her and took everything with him.  They were left with a few beds and their clothes.  They have absolutely nothing.  Carina has been looking for God for a long time and has lots of faith.  Rut and Catarina are 13 and 10.  Really pretty girls.  They almost have blonde hair and light skin.  Carina also has an older daughter that is 18.  Two years ago her daughter fell in love with this man here in Dean Funes and they went to `visit` his family in Santiago Del Estero (another providence like Cordoba).  Well it just so happens that this man is a Gypsy.  I have heard a lot of weird stuff about Gypsies my whole mission and everyone talks really bad about them.  Now I know why.  When her daughter got to this guy’s house he wouldn’t let her leave.  She has basically been a slave for 2 years.  The Gypsies live in groups.  They go and find their wives (preferably blondes) and then take them home and they never leave.  She is 18 and already has 2 kids.  The worst part about it is that when the kids become 10-14 years old they sell them.  Carina went to go get her daughter but they obviously didn’t let her.  She went to the police there but they are controlee by the Gypsies.  Its so horrible what they do to her and other girls that live in this group.  I really can’t believe that people can be so horrible.  After teaching Carina and her girls we were able to set a baptismal date with the 3 of them for the 23 of June.  This week has been great because they have been reading the Book of Mormon and have had so much peace between themselves.  I know that if they do their part their oldest daughter will be helped also.  We went Sunday to pick them up and.... Carina was called in to work.  It was pretty disappointing.  Pedro and his family didn’t go either.  All of our work seemed kinda hopeless.  It’s really interesting because everyone in the Zone had tons of problems Sunday.  But I have faith we can reach our goal we just have to find the people that are prepared. Trials really push us.

As sad as I was about Carina and Pedro and the little church attendance that we had, the day was great.  Of course Elder Mahr had to let everyone know it was my birthday and had me share my testimony.  After Church I was surprised with an ASADO from Elder Mahr and the Rios Family.  The Rios family is so awesome.  They have grown to become my favorite family here in Dean Funes.  They are so loving and do so much for me.  Oh that reminds me.  Mom, do you think you could buy a CTR ring for Sister Rios?  Her size is 18. I don’t know if that is different in the states, but that’s what she told me.  I would really love that. We basically just hung out at their house all day long.

Ok so then for p day we went to one of the most beautiful areas in all of Cordoba.  It’s called Capilla del Monte.  It’s similar to Dean Funes but lots lots cooler.  I really love it. Its little town in the Mountains. We went and ate asado and played futbol with all the missionaries from the zone. President Salas went also.

Hey Mom happy birthday in a few days!!! I love you so much. I hope that you have a great birthday. I can’t wait to hear about it next week.

I love you all so much. Thanks for everything. I hope that you enjoyed the photos. 

Have a great week.

Love Elder Watts