Monday, August 29, 2011

First Letter - August 4, 2011

Hola Everyone!
     I'm so happy it's Thursday so I can email you! Thank you thank you thank you so much for the packages, and the envelope. I LOVE THE CANDY. So do my roommates ha ha. Unfortuneately lights have to be out at 10:30 so I won't be able to use the lights. But in the field I think i'll be able to. So thank you! I think the best way to do this is for you guys to send me dear elders and then I'll have the whole 30 minutes to email you. I really do appreciate all of your letters. This week has been so packed full of stuff that it will be hard to cover it all. But I will try.
Residence Halls:
I love where we live. We live in 6M. It is pretty much our whole zone on the second and third floor. All the Elders are so awesome. In my room we have such a good time. At night we just tell funny stories from highschool and college. Of course we also talk about our missions and how lucky we are to be our here. Down the hall there is a room with 4 Elders from Mexico. They are all going to Ogden. They are always asking me questions about it ha ha. They leave in a week and I will really miss them. There are some pretty strict rules.... But I'm following all of them. I know I'll be blessed by doing so.
District H:
I love our District so much! Next week I'm going to send you some pictures of us. Our classes are comprised of our District. We are in our classroom 10-12 hours a day. So we are all getting so close. It's pretty cool. We have a basketball hoop in our classroom and we love playing horse when we have breaks. Learning Spanish creates some really funny stories. Number 1: A member of our District who is also in my room, was asked to talk in sacrament meeting. He is very good at spanish. He can pretty much just carry on a conversation. Up at the pulpit he called all the Elders "frog girls" ha ha ha ha. It was funny. Number 2: While praying to close our class I called our teacher Brother Koller who is a man, A sister. Everyone got a real kick out of that. And number 3: ( its a little bit inappropriate). We had a sub for a class last monday. She is a sister who just returned from her mission. She asked us how we were feeling and Elder Nelson said, I'm really Tired I need to sleep with you ha ha ha ha ha. I think everyone laughed for 20 minutes. He was so embarressed. So was the teacher... I just got back from the Temple with our District. It was awesome! I'm so happy we get to go every week.
It is so nice to go to the gym everday. So far I have just played basketball everytime. Elder Thorne usually plays one game and then goes to run on the track. Yesterday he did 65 laps in under 30 minutes. Thats over 5 miles. Sweet huh? He is going to break the gym mile record tomorrow I think. His record is 4:10. I have met so many people while playing basketball. We kinda have a set group that we play with. There are 2 courts where the good people play, and 4 courts where the bad people play. If you play on the bad courts you are guaranteed 8 dunks a game. Which is sometimes fun. Dad, Kyle Collinsworth doesnt have my gym so I cant dunk on him. But I dunk on lots of other people. The Other district in our zone that came in at the same time as us kinda has a rival with our district.They are district B. Their District Leader is named Elder Martino from Dallas. I feel like he's my second companion. I like him alot. The reason I say this is because we always play them in sports.
So far the devotionals have been awesome! They are tuesday and sunday nights. Last sunday we heard from the MTC services president. He talked about love. Awesome talk. He had everyone rolling around laughing the whole time. Last tuesday was the best though. Gerald N. Lund came and spoke to us. He wrote the Work and The Glory plus lots of other stuff. He talked about faith. If was so awesome! You won't believe this. I sang in the choir for the Devotional ha ha. Don't worry, there were tons of other people to drown out my voice ha ha ha. But it was way cool. I was up on the big screen alot. The song we sang was "Behold the wounds in Jesus' feet". Look it up! I look forward to our next devotional.
I'm being so blessed right now. I really feel like i'm being lost in the work. I don't miss people every second like some elders, I don't feel homesick, and I just know this is the right place to be. Last night we had a District Devotional and everyone bore there testimonies and it was just so cool. I've thought about it so much. I just have no desire to leave or do anything else at all. Which is awesome because you hear elders complaining and stuff. Twice a week we have zone conference meetings with the branch president and the other district leaders. It's awesome. They teach us such cool stuff that I know I'll learn in the mission field. Oh and I think my Spanish is improving. I'm understanding alot of the stuff thats being said so thats good. All 12 hours in the class are in Spanish :).
Mom, thank you so much for everything this week! I'm so blessed to have you. Mckenna is nice. I don't worry about her one bit! Which is amazing because she is so amazing. I'm really being blessed in that sense. I did get a letter from her this week though. It was very nice. I also have seen her sister about 6 times now.
Dad, thanks for your letter! I loved it. It was better than moms ;). I talked to a girl in your ward yesterday. I forgot her name though. She is doing well. I hope your ward is doing good.
Alex, thanks so much for the letter! you are my very best friend in the whole world. I love you. I'll write you when i get back to my dorm because time is almost up.
Joseph and Oliv. I'll write you too! I love you flops and mops :)
Elder Watts