Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Alex received his mission call to the Sydney North, Australia mission last week.  He will be leaving on August 14, two weeks after Riley returns from Argentina.

Dear Family,

Hey guys how is it going? Australia!!!  I really can’t believe it.  That’s the last place on earth that I would’ve thought!  I am so excited.  There aren’t words for how I am feeling right now.  I’m just so happy for Alex because I know what’s a head of him in preaching the gospel.  That is going to be so great.  I’m not going to lie.... I’m so grateful that we will get to see each other. That is a huge blessing. We are so blessed as a family. It’s incredible.

Well we had transfers! I got transferred 15 minutes away to another Zone here in Cordoba Capital. I was in West Cordoba and now I’m in East Cordoba.  My area is called Maipu – Pronounced: my poo ;).  As you can imagine the missionaries have lots of jokes about eating, sleeping and working in Maipu. haha. It’s going to be great.

My new comps name is Elder Acton.  He is from Utah.  We are going to get along great. He loves basketball :).  My District is a little bit smaller this time.  I only have one other companionship.  I have the sisters that are in Nueva Cordoba.  I already met both of them, they are way cool.  One is from Argentina and the other from Chile.  The Sister from Argentina is the first sister missionary in all of Argentina that is 19.  She has tons of energy!!  

I had a really interesting week this last week.  Over all it was really good.  I really feel like I have grown in these last few months.  It wasn’t exactly easy.  I know I never said this but the week that I got to 9 de Julio the Bishop had a problem with tithing.  That’s why we were without a bishop for so long.  There were so many tests there.  I really feel like the lord was punishing the ward.  I just worked my hardest but never had the success that I wanted.  But that’s what happens sometimes.  I left the area better, and they are going to baptize a few families in the next months.  Sometimes there is only one answer in life--- Believe in God.  Believe that he is.  Mom’s famous scripture helped me a lot during this time.

Well guys that’s all the stuff basically. Next week I’ll do a better report on the members and investigadores and all that.  Thanks for everything! I love you all so much. Have a great week!

Love Elder Watts

Here are some pictures Riley sent with his latest email:

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