Monday, October 29, 2012

A thousand pictures

This week we received our usual email from Riley but we also got a special package in the mail.  Riley had asked Elder and Sister Rowley who were returning from their mission in Argentina to mail a few letters when they returned to Utah.  Included with the letter were two disc that contained over 1,000 pictures.  Don't worry I won't post them all on his blog.  I'll post a few below the letter we received this week.

Hey guys!

How’s it going?  Thanks so much for your emails.  It was great to hear about Frankenstorm! That’s so crazy!!  As you know you will be in my prayers and I’m sure that everything will be alright.  Up until now I haven’t heard anything about the storm. Here the weather is the exact opposite.  Its sooo sooo hot right now.  Everyone is kinda freakin out because we are supposed to be in spring. haha I cant wait to see how summer is.  If they send me to La Rioja or Catamarca (highest points north in the mish) I would literally die.  My comp is dying of the heat. Every time we walk outside he just keeps saying, “How is it this hot” ha-ha its way funny. I guess I’m a lot more used to it.

I am so relieved that my Pictures got to you!  It’s a miracle.  I hope you like them. When I get home ill have to tell you all the stories that go with each picture.  Dad, thank you so much for passing on the letters. I know that’s kind of a pain, so thanks!  I’ll keep taking more pictures.  I’m going to have to thank the Rowley family for doing that for me.

This week was really interesting. My poor comp is still adjusting to the food and water and so he has been sick just about all week. We only worked about 3 days. I think there are 2 things you can do when you get to a foreign country: 1- try and avoid eating stuff and only eat food you know where it came from and still get sick slowly or 2- just go for it and eat everything.  You get sick fast, but then you get used to it.  My comp is trying to do option 1 and it’s not working too well.  Option 2 is a lot better.  I know from experience.  But even though we only worked 3 days it was still a good week.  We had 1 day of service where we dug a foundation for a house and then we helped the bishop move.  And Friday we had a baptism. The picture I sent is of Abi.  She is cute little girl.  My comp loved it.  He was so excited about baptizing her.  I think in November the parents will be there also.  

This week we also had Stake Conference.  It was pretty great.  For the first 45 minutes they just had ex missionaries and missionaries getting ready to leave share their testimonies. It was awesome.

Well I love you guys a whole bunch. Thanks for everything! I’m so happy to be a missionary.  I love everything about it.  I know this is the church of Christ and that we are truly his hands out here.  I hope you have a great week!

Until Next Time. Riley 

Here are a few of the pictures he sent us:

 More to come....

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