Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spring has arrived

To my awesome family,

Hey guys how’s it going?  I love you all so much and am so grateful for your emails. Yes its true; spring has started here this last week.  Right now the weather is really awesome. Still cool enough that we can sleep at night.

This week was really good and I have some good stories from the week.  I should just start talking about how much I love you all.  I could do that for the whole hour that I have.  On Monday I went on an exchange to La Calera again.  I was their until Wednesday.  I met a lady in this area who is originally from Argentina but has lived in Utah for 12 years.  Her husband died this year and so she moved back with her three grandchildren of 12 years, 7 and 5.  They were all born in Utah!  She doesn’t speak very much English.  12 years in Utah and no English.  Pretty surprising, right?  But the little kids speak better English than Spanish.  The grandma said they are going to speak English to each other so they don’t lose it.  She then told her grandkids they could talk to me in English. (At this point I had only spoken Spanish)  The littlest guy said, but how will he understand grandma?  She said, he’s from Utah!  But he didn’t believe me, so he started testing me on words.  He told me to say something.  So I said, I love the Utah Jazz.  He just got this big smile and said, oh me too!  And then he quizzed me for a little while longer and then finally believed me that I was from Utah. It was way funny. When we were leaving the little boy kept on saying, have a good night! Don’t get lost out there! Come back soon! It was way funny. I haven’t seen little kids that speak English in a long time.

Story 2. Remember the Rowley family? They are an older couple from Lehi.  He is the supervisor for the temple here in Cordoba.  Well they are now living in the Uritorco Ward.  They are so cool. We ate with them yesterday. She made broccoli and chicken casserole.  It reminded me so much of moms.  She also made guacamole which they don’t eat here.  It was the first time my comp had tried it.  We had a really great time.  My comp doesn’t speak a ton of English but he could understand a little bit.  He laughed the whole lunch because I couldn’t talk with out a como, que, si or pero slipping out.  It was a mess.  Brother Rowley speaks Spanish way good. Sister Rowley is learning.  I mentioned that I liked building and he talked a ton about his job and stuff that he has done in his life.  

I love you all. I hope that you all have a great week!!

Love Elder Watts

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