Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Phone Call

Riley called home on Mothers day.  We had a great conversation even though it didn’t last nearly long enough.  After about an hour he said he needed to go so that he could set a good example to his companion who is a brand new missionary.  He sounded so good and is enjoying his mission immensely.  He commented how fast the time is flying by.  He can hardly believe that he’s been out almost 10 months.

His letter on Monday was short due to our phone call on Sunday and a full P-Day on Monday.  Here is a little of his letter and a few pictures he sent: 

This week will be way awesome because we have the baptism of Joaquin Lopez.  It has really been the greatest experience to reactivate a family and now be able to see their son get baptized.  On Sunday he stood up in primary and said that he had an announcement. He said that this week he will be getting baptized and that his daddy will be baptizing him because, like the elders his dad has authority.  I thought that was pretty profound. They are such a special family.  They have a daughter that is 17 that was way active before.  Eduardo (the dad) says that she had the strongest testimony out of everyone.  She wanted to serve a mission.  But now she has a boy friend and doesn’t want to go. But she is really friendly to us.  After she sees the baptism this week we’ll see what happens.  It will be really special.  Elder Yasima and I are going to sing with 2 other women in the ward.  We practiced last night and it actually sounded pretty good. One of them knows how to mix the voices really well.  Plus she plays the guitar.  It’s a good thing she is really patient and I don’t mind too much if people laugh at me haha.  But my companion doesn’t exactly have the voice of an angel either.  It will be good.  I’ll see if I can have somebody film it and send it to you.

This week I decided that I am going to share the same message with every single member of the branch here. I am going to pray and find a special message to share with everyone. Something that excites. Something that picks you up. Something that makes you say yeah I can give it another day. And then we are going to make lots of brownies and then see what happens this Sunday. One thing that I have learned in these last 9 months is you can always do better. That’s why we are here on Earth.

Love Riley

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