Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lost email :(

Riley's email was short this week due to some technical difficulties on his end.  He said he spent 40 minutes writing an email and then it was all lost when he went back to his inbox to re-read an email he had received.  The draft of his first email wasn't saved and he ran out of time he is allotted each week to write emails.  Here is one short excerpt from his email this week:

Berta was baptized and confirmed! It was really awesome and really spiritual. I am so happy for her. A man in the ward baptized her. Its a really cool story but I don't have time. I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and it went well.

He sent us the following picture as well:

Since I haven't posted anything for two weeks here is some of his letter from last week:

Well we had a good week this last week.  We put together a family night for the Ward on Friday night.  Elder Catala and I prepared a short lesson and then we asked a Hermana to do a game.  I'm not going to lie I went into it with ZERO confidence in the ward.  Because activities in the past have been such a wreck.  Also we are running on Argentine time, frustrating to say the least.  But, after about 20 minutes we had 40 people there.  It was so amazing.  I was so surprised ha ha.  I need to have more faith in our ward I guess.  It was a good lesson and then the Hermana had 4 games that were so fun!  She really came through big time.  Plus everyone brought food.  The Mollo family came, plus 3 other inactive families came. Berta came too. It was really great. 

As for Berta she is doing awesome!  She has made a 180 degree turn.  She is smiling. She laughs.  She gets herself ready in the morning.  One blessing that has come is that the Relief Society has really stepped up.  They went last week one day and brought the message from the Liahona "Forget Me Nots" along with the actual flower.  It was so awesome.  We went this morning and taught her for the last time before her baptism on Saturday.  2 more blessings came.  Number #1--- Sunday she always goes to the river, ( as every Villa Marian does).  When she was walking out the door to leave, Jessica said she wanted to go with. First time in 6 years. Amazing right?  She said she almost fainted.  Way happy for that.  Number #2--- She met a man.. She said that she just wants someone to talk with and have a nice friendship.  She quickly informed us that it doesn't go against the law of chastity.  So you could say that I learned an interesting phrase or two today ha ha.  I'm really excited for her though.  We are really being blessed. Thanks for your prayers and everything else. The Gospel is truly a blessing in our lives.

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  1. Thanks for the post. It is so good to hear his "voice." We will continue to pray for him. It is such a blessing to have a grandson like Riley serving a mission. Love him.