Friday, December 30, 2011

Post Navidad

Hello Again Fam,

It was so nice to talk to you all yesterday! What a great Christmas gift. You all sound so good. I missed being there on Christmas, but I had such an amazing Christmas here. It really came and went so fast. Its kinda funny that we both had hot Christmas´s.  I guess I didnt miss too much.. Mom- Last night I read the email you sent me to read Chrismas Eve. Thanks so much. Thats such a great story. I really felt the Spirit testify to me that that is what the Savior did for us. He took our licks. Every single one of them. As much as we learn about what He did for us we will never know exactly how extreme it was. Its unfathomable. But we can know why. Its because he loves us. Its because he loves His Father. How loving Heavenly Father was to let his only Begotten Son do something like that for the rest of us, knowing that all of us wont even be able to return. Its truely amazing. 

Believe it or not I feel like alot has happened since we talked last! I didnt tell you that Elder Anderson and I have been planning a big Christmas breakfast for about 2 weeks now. But what happened is we were so full from Saturday night we decided not to make it on Sunday morning. So we made some of it later that night. We made a breakfast caserole. It had eggs, milk, hashbrowns, tons of cheese and the closest thing we could find to sausage. Me mixed it all together and then cooked it this morning. It was way good! Also I made a fruit salad with bananas oranges apples pinaples peaches and yogurt. It was delicious. We kinda just hung out the rest the day until 8 when Elder Catala called his family. He did Skype and they wanted to meet me so I talked with them for like 45 minutes. It was way fun. Kinda confusing when 9 people are all talking spanish at the same time. It was cool though. We both bore our testimonies at the end. 

Today was great! So we found this name in the area book. Her name is Berta. I dont know if i have talked to you about her. She has been to church like 10 times. She was way close to baptism about a year ago and was offended by a missionary. But she likes alot so thats good. She just had her 3 daughter die 5 months ago. I dont think I have ever met someone so distraught in my life. She keeps saying that she just want to know why. Oh and the reason we went to her house this morning is because we can only visit with her monday wednesday and friday in the morning, because her adopted daughter hates the missionaries. So, it kinda complicates things. But we had areally good lesson with her this morning. I shared Alma 7:11. Talks about how the Savior didnt JUST suffer for our sins. For everything. What ever we are going through he knows. We talked about how the spirit is a gift of comfort for us. On Friday we are going to her house to meet again. And we are bringing our secret weapon. Aka..... The sister missionaries. I dont know what it is they just kill it every single time. They are awesome! Plus they are both Widows and so they will really be able to relate to her situation. Im way excited. 

Oh and get this. So we took a Taxi to her house because we were late. We got there and it was 12 pesos. Elder Catala handed the guy a 50 peso bill. This always makes the drivers mad because they have to deal with all the change. Sometiems they wont even take it. This time he just said no I dont have change. So Elder Catalla had 7 and I had 2. The guy was so bugged ha ha. But he said oh well its Christmas. So I got out of the car and thinking that Elder Catala was gettting out on the other side. I slammed the door just as Elder Catala said bye to the driver and the door smashed him right in the face ha ha. It was so funny! I really cant even describe how funny it was. I think I was laughing for 10 minutes. For the whole lesson he had a big red mark on his face. Too funny. 

Well I love you guys tons.  I love you guys a ton. Thanks for everthing that you do for me. Ill talk to you next week.

Elder RIley Watts

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