Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Week in California

Riley spent his first full week in California this past week.  He has been blessed with two really good companions - Elder Arevalo and Elder Smith.  He has already seen some succes as described in his letter this week:

"Since last week We have committed 3 more people to baptism. Its way exciting. Yesterday actually we had our first baptism as a companionship. The day i came in before i met my companions they committed this lady named ana lilia to baptism after being taught for 8 months. So we let the elder that taught her baptize her, but I got to be a witness. It was really cool. Next week Ramiro is getting baptized. His wife got baptized about 7 months ago and now he is. Im really excited for it because i feel like i actually know him. And then in 2 weeks maria and Jose are getting baptized. So we're really doing well. We need to find some new progressive investigators because all of ours are getting baptized!"

He also had a unique experience attending General Conference:

"Conference was really amazing. We watched it at this huge church. It is the 3rd biggest in the world (lds churches) it has 2 basketball courts and 2 huge chapels. There was like 6 languages there. We did get to watch it in English though. I was really grateful for that. Between sessions the wards just stay there and make food. Its so awesome."

He loves the people and especially loves the food.  It sounds like the members really take care of the missionaries in Santa Ana:

"The members houses we eat at are so awesome. Oh my gosh. They have these tiny little houses and nothing. absolutely nothing. But they invite us over to eat every week. They cook all day for us. they're so willing. And so grateful for what they have. WE have dinner for us just about every night. In the mornings i eat oatmeal or eggs and then usually a  sandwich for lunch. Its good. I have gained 7 pounds since i got here. 197!! THis mexican food is killing me."

197!!  I wonder if he can still dunk a basketball :-).

Here are two pictures he sent this week of his companions and the first baptism he participated in:

Thank you for your prayers, love and support. 

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